Workflow Diagrams

The following images are intended to highlight some of the many activities involved in selecting & implementing an EMR, EDR and new Practice Management System.  Whether a nonprofit Community Health Center (CHC) with 50 Providers or a large health system with 500, many of the same issues need to be addressed.  Methods, timelines, costs, etc…will vary based on an organization’s size, number of locations, number of Providers, current IT capability (individual and enterprise) and other factors.

This page focuses on Workflows & Patient Chart Access; pre-EMR versus post-EMR

Following is one page of a multiple-page diagram.  This is evident because the workflow picks up “From Page 5”.  It is important that the project team understand who needs access to the Patient Chart, when the access is needed, and what is performed with the chart (view, update, etc).  Depending on the organization, anywhere from just a few to more than 50 workflow diagrams may be needed.


The following series of images provide an example of a tool that was created to help the project team.  It provided a standard objective and methodology to ensure the resulting documentation provided what was needed.

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