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Wes Kemp is a HealthCare consultant specializing in Electronic Medical Records (EMR / EHR) Project Management. His 25+ years of HealthCare experience includes 17 years consulting and 4 years in senior-level positions; distributed roughly 50/50 between Ambulatory / Hospital spaces (see chart below).  He has achieved desired outcomes for a variety of Provider organizations in both Private and Public sectors.  Successful as a top tier (Big 4) consultant, independent contractor and in various corporate leadership positions; he has expertise in the areas of Project Management (PMBOK), Business Analysis, Process Improvement, and Information Technology (IT) Design and Implementation.

Experience includes Ambulatory Clinical / Operational Workflow Standardization for EMR / EHR adoption, deep knowledge of Physician Practice / Community Clinic / Medical Group operations, detailed knowledge of Eligibility / Service Authorization / Decision Support / Case Management systems & processes, and a rare ability to bridge between Business and IT in order to achieve success.

Leadership roles on both Business-centric & Technology-centric projects have successfully delivered measurable improvements in clinical, financial and administrative operations; and provided excellent references.


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Availability, Rates and FAQs


Available:   December 2013



Customary range is $50 – 100 per hour.

After discussing your needs, location, etc…I will propose an all-inclusive hourly rate based on your location, expected duration, profit / nonprofit status, my interest in the project.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) & Answers

1. Are you a “typical” road-warrior consultant that serves multiple clients simultaneously? I work for one client at a time, full-time, on-site at your location – becoming an integrated member of the management team.  This provides a resource that is familiar with YOUR people, processes, issues and goals.  It also allows for knowledge-transfer and mentoring of your staff.  Clients appreciate this added value.

2. How long is a typical engagement?  An average engagement is about 18 months in length; usually not less than 6 months.  It is not unusual for clients to request additional work once they witness my ability to organize ambiguity and drive to attain objectives.

A simple Memorandum Of Understanding (MOU) which provides for early termination by either party, with or without cause (has never occurred) outlines duration and compensation.  Engagement duration can be extended as needed.

3. Isn’t what you describe, a full-time on-site consultant, going to be extremely expensive? Do you provide discounts for nonprofits?  I usually contract directly with the client; this provides significant savings over using agencies or consultancies.   Lodging and travel expenses are included in the agreed rate.  I rent an apartment nearby at MY expense in order to become part of your team.  That said, the rate is adjusted for geography; so a client in the San Francisco area will pay a higher rate than one, say, in Oregon. Significant discounts are extended to nonprofits, yet I enjoy working with them the most.

4. What types of projects are you available for?  EMR / EHR / EDR (ExR) projects are of interest to me.  PMS migration can be included, but project should be EMR-based.

5. Did you verify that you have not published any confidential information in the content of this website?  Yes, I spent significant time and effort to redact content before publishing to this website.  Please notify me via the “Contact Wes” feature if you see content that you believe should be confidential.

6. I have never seen a website quite like this one.  Don’t you worry that you are providing information for free? No, I am not concerned that others may “borrow” ideas from information contained here.  I support collaboration, when possible, in the quest for lasting EMR adoption.  Besides, there is quite a market for EMR experience…and I serve only one client at a time.

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