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LINK to download RESUME in MS Word format is on the “About Wes” page.

 L E G E N D:   EMR / EHR = Electronic Medical / Health Record; EDR = Electronic Dental Record; PMS = Practice Management System

Quote of the year, in my opinion; from HIMSS13 / New Orleans 3/3/13:

The records in medicine still can’t be scrutinized and checked to determine what works and what doesn’t.  “Medicine is a $2.3 trillion industry with no accounting system,” Weed said, and “it’s killing us financially.” – Dr. Lawrence Weed, age 89 is recognized as the father of the problem-oriented medical record and the SOAP note (Subjective, Objective, Assessment, Plan) structure of clinical practice & documentation.

—  Recommendations from recent clients  —

Dr. Peeks

2012 Roger Peeks, MD – Chief Medical Officer (CMO), Valley Community Clinic, highly recommends Wes Kemp:

“Wes’ accomplishments on our behalf greatly exceeded our expectations.  He quickly earned the respect and trust of clinicians, staff and executive leadership.  From initial planning through to a thoughtful “exit strategy”, his experience and commitment were a refreshing road-map to success.   It is amazing to see where we are today…compared to when we first engaged him.”

2012 Paula Wilson – President & Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Valley Community Clinic, recommends Wes Kemp:

“Wes, I want to let you know how much we appreciate all your hard work to make our PANDA project a success. Compliments on how well our staff was trained and prepared.  You have done an outstanding job!”

2006 Greg Badras, PMP – Director, Program Management Office (PMO), HealthCare Partners, recommends Wes Kemp:

“A dedicated, experienced and hard-working professional with the ability to resolve complex technical issues by looking for the most practical and cost effective solution. Program and Project Management capabilities – manages tight deadlines, controls project issues and manages customer relationships.”



2005 Melayne Yocum – Chief Operations Officer (COO), HealthCare Partners documented the following in a performance review:

“You certainly are creative in your thinking and working with teams.  You work to bring out the best in others and allow them to even take credit for ideas that clearly were yours.  That has endeared many people to you and allowed you to work effectively with a wide range of teams and people.  Wes, you can be counted on to work diligently and rapidly to deliver on dates and times.  You are willing to go the extra mile for your customer.

You have learned our systems and business by being involved in many critical teams for process improvement.  You learn rapidly on any project you are on.  You are not afraid to “get in and do what needs to be done” even if it may not normally fall within your area of accountability.  I commend you for this flexibility, hard work and willingness to meet the goal, despite almost any barrier put in your way.  I so appreciate that work ethic.  Teamwork is one of your very strong points as has been pointed out in earlier comments.


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